Lowering the min top up, increasing the withdrawal limit for non GBP


1. Lowering the minimum top up
For newbies (like me) would be nice to lower the minimum top up. As we don’t feel yet secure, we’re still into the deciding field

There’s actually a workaround, top up in PLN as the minimum is 20, which is half of any other currency. But would be nice if all currencies will be reduced.

2. 200 GBP the withdrawal limit for free, 400 for Premium.
But there’s a problem…
For accounts registered in:
Romania 800 RON, which is 150 GBP. > 1050 RON
Eurozone 200 EUR, which is 170 GBP > 230 EUR

etc. Can’t check other currencies as Revolut advertise in GBP/EUR as 200 Pounds/ Euro which is not even close for most other currencies (I can guess for Poland is 800 PLN too). The difference for RON is 25%, that’s quite high :slight_smile:

Or being able to set another currency as base account, even if is not the residence country currency (for example I rarely will use RON, as I already have 2 bank cards for this, so no need…)

And the problem is that :r: can be even sued for false advertising as
"Get the equivalent of €400 of free ATM withdrawals per month"

That’s 1850 RON, and I guess that the actual limit would be 1600…

Just saying :slight_smile: