Lowered top-up limit after re-verification


My top up limit used to be €15k/yr but after a recent re-verification - which came out of the blue - it’s back at €5k/yr.
I’ve been spending > €10k/yr (and over €20k overall) through Revolut but I’m not going through the hassle of the top-up raising process again, particularly after reading here about how long it takes, some even don’t seem to be able to complete it at all.

Revolut has some thrilling features but it’s lacking continuity which I find very relevant if it comes down to financial products and services.

Why do i have to verify AGAIN my account?

@AndreasK any comments on how that can happen? I realise you cant share all details on your verification process but I guess it would be helpful to the community to understand why a limit is suddenly lowered. Considering raising the limit is currently not exactly the easiest task I can understand that frustration.


Hi there. Are you able to send me your phone number linked to your account?


This has been resolved very professionally. Thanks a lot, @AndreasK.

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