Low balance alert


Hi. Could we get a low balance alert option please?


Hi @houmous,

At the moment we don’t have an alert option when your balance is running low. However, we’ve released the new version of the app Ver. 3.0 which allows auto-top ups.

How it works:

Go to ‘Top Up’ in the App and tap ‘Top up by Card’, then select ‘Auto top-up’. Next, you’ll need to choose your conditions for auto top-up. You can automatically top-up your account with either £100, £200 or £500 when your Revolut balance falls below £50, £100 or £200.


Hi. Yes I am aware of that. But I don’t want to use it as I don’t always have enough money in my bank account to top up.

So a low balance alert would be really useful.




We will take your suggestion into consideration!


Hi, auto top-up should work during cash withdrawal (In ATM or POS) The system should wait for authorization until the revoluts account will be recharget. I do not want to reject the transaction with the description of insufficient funds in the revolut account. And wait for auto top-up. And make a purchase. The system should be intelligent.

e.g I make purchase / withdrawal => there are no insufficent funds in the revolut account => revolut is trying auto top-up => when the top-up was successful => the transaction is authorized.

Without rejection of the transaction!