Love Revolut but Increase the font size or even allow zooming..


I wear reading glasses but I struggle to read the letters in the App. I find it hard to carry a magnifying glass or even a microscope when out and about. I have recommended this card to all my friends who absolutely love it especially travelling. They have all said the same thing “I cannea see the screen” and 2 have phablets…lol.


Hi Steve,

Will definitely pass these comments on!

But if you’re struggling to see I would recommend :

For iPhone - Launch the Settings app from your Home screen. Tap on General. Tap on Accessibility. Tap Zoom under the Vision section. Finally tap the switch to turn on Zoom.

For Android it is usually under Settings then Accessibility. Then turn Magnification Gestures on.

These will just be setting you have to change once! :slight_smile:


Thanks Neil for the advice but the magnifying feature is not really that useful by having to triple tap the screen. Even on the front page with the 3 currencies it cuts off a quarter of the actual amount able to view. It just needs an overhaul like a banking app. I bank with the TSB and their app is brilliant, easy to view and use…