Lounges - Metal vs Premium

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about subscribing to either :r: Metal or Premium. I have a question though: what exactly is the difference when it comes to airport lounges? I noticed that both provide them, but from what I understand with Metal it’s 100% free always? What about Premium, does it only give me a discount? What if I’m with someone, I can buy for them too?

Thank you and sorry if the question has already been asked, I didn’t find anything about this.


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With Metal, one pass is free, with Premium it’s not.
You can buy multiple passes to include your entourage.

However, I am not a fan because the lounges are not the Lufthansa Senator Lounge or such. I didn’t opt-in Premium for the lounges.

What’s your most frequently visited airport?


Thank you!

I think I’m gonna stick to Premium then, I don’t travel or use my card enough times to justify Metal.
My most frequently visited airport is Porto (OPO) and Paris Orly (ORY).

Next month I’m doing a few flights via Zurich and I just noticed the app has all the lounges and they are much cheaper than with Swiss Airlines.


I checked as well for DXB where I’ll stop over and in that very case it would be interesting. In FRA it was not. :man_shrugging:t3:

I am fine with Premium as well.
Save travels!

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Revolut should definitely add in which terminal is every lounge they provide. Do you know any app that can help me with that? Cheers.

With Metal you get free lounge access if your flight is delayed by an hour now

FWIW lounge passes are also agnostic of the lounge itself, so you can just see who accepts LoungeKey by walking to the nearest lounge. You can use it later if not right then right there :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’m just having issues knowing which lounge belongs to which terminal just to be safe that my terminal in Zurich really has a lounge I can access!

From my experience an image of the lounge is shown in the searching section, but you can always ask the lounge if they accept LoungeKey :slight_smile:

I believe you should ask this anyways as sometimes they reject LoungeKey customers due to space

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I believe they should be giving more than a Lounge “IF” i have my flight delayed with a Metal card. at least some free passes per year or even better 2 per month with a Metal and 1 with a Premium.

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If the cost is your only criteria for choosing a lounge, you should read the reviews online.

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And check the map at what position of the airport they are. :rofl:

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Same for Premium! Premium get +1 guest to take along, whereas Metal gets +3.

Revolut are paying membership to LoungeKey and probably £13-15 a pass if not more

Metal is £120 a year and it includes other perks… what are you expecting? I’d love Revolut to bump the price up to £300 a year and include amazing travel insurance, unlimited free lounge access and 1% cashback everywhere but I don’t see it happening


£300 for prepaid cards? No, thanks!

For 6/month you can have

  • A premium debit card providing non-stop access to your money, anywhere (in the country or abroad)
  • Feel pampered with exclusive offers and discounts through the [Mastercard Premium & Business Program]
  • You have free access to the Mastercard Business Lounge in Henri Coanda and Vienna airports
  • It gives you access to 500 lounges around the world through the LoungeKey service, where you can enjoy free benefits such as relaxing atmosphere, smoking area, wi-fi access, a wide range of drinks and snacks
  • Get free shopping protection and travel insurance against the following risks:
    • Late departure/involuntary denied boarding/lost connection flight
    • Delayed luggage
    • Hospitalization allowance
    • Travel accident

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Which bank is that? I fully agree with you.

From Idea Bank.

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