Lost transfer??


Hey there I’m starting to panic a little bit.

I have made a 1000 euro (transfer from my French account to my Revolut account).

The transfer has been made through Transferwise and the transferwise app says the money should have arrived on my Revolut Account already.
However, it hasn’t, I don’t have the money on my account. Can anyone help me with this issue? I have tried to contact the Revolut Chat for help, I have sent a DM on twitter and no one is responding… Help !!!


Hello @emilie_vallauri :slight_smile:

When did you make this transfer?


Hiii @Juliopp thanks so much for answering! :grin:
The transfer was made yesterday but is supposed to be arrived in my account since this morning according to TransferWise. This is why I’m starting to worry! :sob:


Hey @emilie_vallauri :slight_smile:

No worries!
Did you make the transfer into your EUR personal IBAN? Around what time?


Thanks @Juliopp
I made the transfer from my personnal French account to the German account of TransferWise (it’s the regular procedure) and then Transferwise transformed my 1000 euros into 882 £ and trasfered those into my Revolut account. :blush:


Hey @emilie_vallauri :slight_smile:

I am not completely sure why you didn’t just transfer money to your personal :r: EUR IBAN instead of going through TransferWise and paying a fee :thinking:

Anyway, this involves two SEPA transfers, so regardless of what TransferWise says, I would wait until tomorrow 14:00 and worry then. Until that time, you’re in the normal timeframe for a (weird double-hop) transfer to arrive :wink:


Thanks much @Juliopp it’s actually my first time using these two apps so I thought it was the right thing to do but you’re right, I will know for next time! Anyhow thanks I’ll see tomorrow if anything has moved… so stressful ! Thanks for your help :grin:


Hm, it might be actually more tricky.

The last step, GBP from Transferwise --> Revolut, wasn’t a SEPA transfer. It can take even longer.

(Transferwise is always just guessing the time of arrival, it’s just statistics, not an actual fact based feedback about the status.)


Okay I see. Thank you for your help @Frank at least I’m worrying less…