I paid a supplier from our Revolut business $ account on 29/06/18 and it still has not reached the payee account. Its a huge sum of money ($10k).
Your online/web support chat has stopped all response to any of my queries since 12/06/18.
Your email address support(a)revolut.com doesnt work. My email bounced back.

I need the basics of professional business support. This is very poor, and I am disappointed.
Please can you respond so we can find a rapid resolution?

Regard, Mandi



What is the transfer status? Are you able to display the statement, are all informations correct?

Honestly since 29.06 was Friday, if you made de statement too late it was executed next Monday 02.07 which is only 7/8 days ago : still OK regarding $ SWIFT transfer, nothing to worry about.


Honestly, but 29th of June was Friday but a week ago, and not last Friday.
So that’s 7 full business days and way too long for Swift transfer.
What is worse, even, is that Mandiubr needs to resort to a public forum - which won’t be of any help - because he is not getting the adecuate business a/c app support.
So that’s two issues here.
Mandiubr: Revolut uses 3rd party transfer providers since Revolut is not a bank, and that causes too many problems when sth goes wrong.


It’s not : 4th July is a bank holidays in USA therefore it’s really 5 working days (2,3,5,6 + 9 of July ) which is, once again, acceptable for SWIFT transfers.

If you do your transfer Friday afternoon it’s like doing it the next Monday morning.


Hello @mandiubr :wave:

The team is already looking into your case!

The email address you tried to contact us with is unfortunately incorrect.
Business queries can be addressed to: :email: business@revolut.com :email:

Kind regards,