Lost Transfer 20'000 CHF


Hi there
During my stay in the US a friend sent me 20’000 Swiss Dollar from his account to my Revolut Account. The Money had been transferred but never showed up on my Account. After contacting the Helpdesk the told me that the found the amount but need to check some internals. Thats now another week ago. The amount has been transferred from my friends account at the 24th of April - thats more then 3 Weeks ago. The last 5 Days I did not even get a reply on the Chat. Does anybody has an idea how ill get that amount back. There is no Phone Number to call - nothing.
Thanks for any help


Did you mean Swiss Franc?
Arre you still in your annual limit?
If you want revolut to send the money back- just tell them it using in-app chat


Yes excactly!!!
I didnt know about the limit!
But 20‘000 was above it.
But they should have returned the amount long time ago!! The money left my
Friends account on the 24th of april!


So, we revealed the reason.
Now you can either increase your annual limit

or ask them for sending the money back to original source.


Hi, Thanks!!
I sent a message again
i did not get any reply to all my messages since 7 days
does anybody has a phone number to call
its about 20’000 Swiss Dollars !!!

Being honest - its a nightmare!!!



You may have to type “resolved” in the chat to end your current chat session and then type “live agent” again to start a new one. I’ve not had to do that personally, but it seems as if some people may get stuck in a loop where your issue appears to still be open but nobody is checking/seeing it.

When you spoke to the agent previously, how did they end it? Did they close off the issue or was it left in limbo?

Maybe we can poke @AndreasK to take a look at the status and prod someone to get back to you.


Christian, I think it’s great that you post problems like this here. Sounds like Revolut should try harder to deliver a good customer support.


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat as soon as possible.