Lost SIM, can't log in, no more money


I’m in Argentina and lot yesterday my French SIM, don’t have enough money on my account and bank transfer is too long. Friend wanted to top up with his card but. Logged out to see how would it work for him to log in with my account. Can’t log in anymore, cause can’t receive code since I don’t have anymore my French SIM.
What can I do ?

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@anon33247966 another case for a web portal?


Hi @Justinebii, the easiest way to receive money from your friend would be that he tops up his account and then sends you the money via a direct transfer via the app.

Hello @Justinebii,

Once you have logged in and you’re in the page where you need the add the sms code, you’ll be able to see an option to reach out our support team.

You can contact us, se we can send you the sms code or we can change the phone number associated with your account.


It’s been five hours I try to communicate with the support. I am stuck. Have no money. Please someone respond.


Please help me. I finally talk to the support. The man change my French number for a Chilean number. I still can’t log in because the app doesn’t have the country code which is +56. And I cant even talk anymore to the app support.
Please. Help.

I think we’re in touch on Facebook @Justinebii, right? :slight_smile: