Lost phone


My husband has lost his phone while traveling. He would like to disable the ability to access his Revolut account from that phone. He has tried logging in on another device but the verification code goes to the lost phone. I have contacted Revolut through my app but support has not replied. There should be an emergency way to secure the account. If there is, please inform me. Thanks.


There’s this automated line for cancelling the card: +442033228352 :slight_smile: You can also reach support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: https://facebook.com/revolutapp


Thanks Costin, but we still have the card. It’s the phone the controls the account that we’ve lost.

We tried the number but it’s only for cancelling cards.

Revolut won’t respond to us on customer support.


I recommend reaching them on Twitter, as they usually respond the fastest there :slight_smile: