Lost Phone Whilst Abroad


I have lost my phone whist abroad and need to use my revolut card desperately. I have managed to use the in-app support on another phone to contact support to change my number to a +61 mobile number, but I’m not receiving the token to that number and now the app is not allowing me to access in-app support anymore. (The options does not appear anymore from the app logon page.) Now that i can’t access the in-app support i have no way of contacting you. Please can you help?


Hi @sljones, this is what Revolut says about that in their FAQ. You could still use your account/card without access to the phone and deal with installing the app on a new phone later. I hope that helps.

What if I lose my phone?

Your Revolut card will still function the same without your smartphone. You can make ATM withdrawals and card payments, but you will not be able to check your balance or receive notifications on the go. You can top up your Revolut card via transfer - just make sure you know your reference number. Alternatively, contact the in-app support so we can change the mobile number on the account for you. Download the app on a new device, attempt to log in with your mobile number and then choose the option ‘I haven’t received a code’ to chat to support.

Hi there. Thanks for responding, but the problem is that I’m not receiving the code via text and the app is no longer offering to go to the live support, which leaves me incapable of logging in or contacting revolut. I’ve already seen the FAQ. Thanks again for getting involved though. Sarah.

Okay, then I suggest to send @anon33247966 a private message in this forum. Good luck!

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That’s great! Thanks Frank!

Hi there,

I am in a similar position to sljones, i can’t receive any texts as i don’t have a sim card or phone to receive them on. I do have access to friends phone so can some help me with a solution as i need to use the card desperately?


Hi @bgreenway9, you still can top-up and use the card without having access to the app. Check FAQs for what to in case of a lost phone (“What happens if I lose my phone”).

Hi Frank

I’ve read the online FAQs but don’t understand the process. Can i complete the bank transfer through my UK banking account i.e the natwest banking app. Or do i need to log on to the revolt app on a another device and do it like that?


Hi @bgreenway9,

see this from the FAQs. You only need access to your app to find out your account details. Once you’ve got sort code and account number, you can top up without logging in. Does that answer your question?

You can make a transfer to Revolut via online/mobile banking or in branch.

Hit the ‘Top Up’ button and tap ‘Bank transfer’. Next, select the currency you would like to top up your Revolut account in. The rule is that you should top up in the currency that your bank account is held in. For example, if you have a UK bank account make sure you top-up in GBP.

You will be directed to a page which shows the account details you need to make a transfer to.

Topping up in GBP:

If you are making a transfer from a bank account in the UK, select ‘Local’ to find the details for your own current account - with a unique account number and sort-code. Alternatively, select ‘Iban’ to find our GBP Iban and SWIFT code. Direct debits are not supported.

Hi Frank
Yes it does, sorry was a little confused with the process.

Thanks for you’re help

Hi Frank
Im struggling to get the texts through for the 6 digit verification code, I’m in nicargua and there is no option for that prefix. Ive downloaded thee app on a Nicaraguan phone but can’t get past the next stage


Is there anyway you could tell me the sort code and account number from my account? or send me a code to get in the account


Sorry, no. I am not from Revolut Support. I am a user like you.

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I need this answered as well. I switched carriers and I can’t login because of that. Support without being in app is very dodgey, and I can see what the ai helper is writing but I get a notification à live agent replied and when I go to see it nothing is there.

Pls help

Hi , how can I contact you ? I lost my phone and I desperately need to find a solution ? How do I communicate with Revolt ?