LOST PHONE - New phone number

Hello. I think I lost my cell phone. Although I look better still today, I would like to change the number of mobile phone associated with the card, to be able to install in the new mobile phone and also for security. How can I do it? Thanks

Are you able to install the app on the phone using an old phone number?
If yes- just do it, then change this number asking support via in-app chat.

I do not know if manual change in here:
More> Profile> Personal data> Phone number
will change phone number connected to your account.

If you’re unable to use your previous phone number- read this:


Install the app on a new device. Then log in with your old number or tap “changed phone number” on the welcome screen.

I have the same issue, but the my phone number changed functions really weird.

Every time my phone goes to sleep, i have to log in again , and it restarts my session. As this operation needs personal assistance z it takes a while until someone responds…

I would be interested if there is another method, as i could not connect with support staff in the last 2 days.

Kind Regards, Balazs

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Hey! If you’re still struggling please send me a direct message.

Hi, My iPhone 7 was stollen. I need a live agent to connect my new smartphone with the same phone number. I cannot select “I did’nt receive the code” because I cannot find it on the Android app. Maybe you could help me. Thanks.

RESOLVED. I thought that I had to put the 4 last number of my Revolut card to get a new code. The solution was to put the last 4 numbers from the top-up card.

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You need to wait a couple of minutes. It should appear then.

Hello @anon33247966 AndreasK,

I faced the same issue as Balazs as I’m not able to log in so that could not get live agent support.
Could you help me change the phone number?


I drop my phone into the sea. Got a new one with a new sim card and the same old number, downloaded the app. I am unable to go beyond receiving a 6 digit sms. Once that is done, the app want me to create a new account…
I am lost

@anon33247966 Hello! Somebody robbed my phone. I bought a new simcard, not yet new phone. I want to get into the app (the aim of transfering money to my other account). Unfortunately, I dont know nor the password to enter the app nor the pin of the revolut Card. What you can advise in this situation? Can I just write it to somewhere to support Revolut on Twitter or should I call them and explain (it would be expensive from Spain right?).

They don’t offer phone support, so you have no choice…

Hi, i changed my phone number and i cant get into my account. Wont accept my pin code. And i cant use my mobile app. Could you help me sort this. Regards .billy2

hey there, i can’t login to the app, when i do face id it’s fine but nothing happens and it’s stuck in the pincode screen. I also have a new phone number so i can’t really login at the moment. please help me