Lost phone, need to activate card


I am going to Sweden this weekend and need to activate my card in order to use it before then, is there a way of doing this?


The cards are activated when they arrive. Contactless needs to be activated, though. This is done by using the card to pay or withdraw money with chip + PIN.

Since some of Revolut’s security options rely on a mobile phone (location based security), I would be sceptical about relying on the card for a trip without being able to check things like security options on the app.

You’re can install the app on a different phone with your old number and then contacting the support to get full access again.

I have tried using it in an ATM but it didn’t work, I think this may be due
to identity verification which I cannot do without the app? I should
hopefully have the app installed and working tomorrow before my trip
Friday? I also tried installing it on another phone but it is sending a
verification code to my phone number which I do not have access to at


Please be careful with trying out too much without having access to the security options. Sounds to me like you are going to end up with a fully blocked account pretty soon.

Two options:


You will have access to your old phone number (the one you used to set up the account) soon. I would wait then, install the app on the new phone with your old number and everything works fine. Make sure to fully verify everything, including cards for top-ups before going on the trip. And get familiar with the security options. (I recommend to read the FAQs fully.)


You won’t have access to your old number anytime soon and you want to install the app on a different phone with a different number: do what you have done again (logging in with the old number). After they sent you the code, an option appears „haven’t recieved the code“ or something like that. You can then contact support and they can change the phone number associated with your account for you.

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As I can see your account is still unverified, so your card is not active.

Do you have access to any other supported device?

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none that are linked to that card?

Maybe an iPad???

I am jumping in here because I think there’s is a misunderstanding.

@anon33247966 asked if there is another phone available that could run the app.

And @dalys11 does have another phone availabe, but she wasn’t able to log in yet. (No access to old phone number.) - I believe she tried that already.


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found my phone and verified my identity, thanks all!


im having the same problem, card arrived today but i cant use it

What’s the exact issue?

i dont have my phone so have no access to my sort code, account numbers or

Why not install the app on a different phone (and then log in with your old number to get it started). Unfortunately, as a mobile only product, it relies heavily on access to the app. :frowning:

i dont have another device to log into from, only my laptop

If you need to, you could try an Android emulator.


Hey @Zackary, this is a public community.
With a tracking code anyone can easily know who you are and where you live, and you’ve also posted your PIN!
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