Lost phone - missing safety measure


Hi, I would like to know what should I do in case I lose my phone? Can I someone block the access to the Revolut app on that phone from some other phone or from the web? Why is such a super-important safety topic not covered on the main page of your web??? Are you sure you care for the safety of the funds of your customers?


Have you read this?


Your reply was completely useless. First read MY POST and then reply. I want to block access to my application on the stolen phone and not install it on a new phone. So that the guy who stole the phone cannot steal my money or do something bad with them.


Ok, so have you tried just to lock the screen with opened Revolut app?
Just give it a try.
After a few seconds you aren’t able to go into the app without passcode.
I hope this is answer for your question.


No it is not. I can imagine that there is a way how to hack such a security measure like a passcode if you have a full, time unlimited access to a phone. There should be a way to say From this phone nobody should access my account. Or to say I can access my account only from my authorized phones. At least all banking applications that I have seen have that feature. As you also deal with money the security should be more important to you than e.g. some game app.


Easy up Tom, Redi is not a Rev staff, just a Rev user like almost all of us here.