Lost Phone - How to don't lose money

Hi, some days ago I lost my phone. Now I have to block the phone number on the lost phone and then reactivate the same number when I receive the new sim card from the phone company.
Is there the possibility to lose money if I do like this? What I should do to don’t lose the amount of money that I have now on my Revolut account?

Hey @Alessandro95 :slight_smile:

If the person who finds it does not know your PIN, you should be safe. However, you should…

  • lock your old SIM if you also lost it (you’ve got this done already I guess)
  • change your PIN when logging in on a new device
  • if that makes you feel safer, get in touch with support (More tab, Support -> Live chat and type live agent)
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I suggest in future that before going anywhere, Lock down/Freeze your A/c UNTIL you want to use it.