Lost phone, how do I send money to my card?

I’ve lost my phone and was wondering how I can send money to the card without the app

If you have got access to any spare phone with Android/iOS, you can change number linked to the app - changed my phone number but forgot to do it on my account

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unfortunately not, I’ll be without a phone until mid January…

I am having a similar problem. I lost my phone and my tablet and deactivated my card just in case. I have no access to a smartphone at the moment which means I cannot access my account just to check that everything is alright nor can I order a new card. And there is nobody from Revolut I can contact either since the only phone number you provide gives automatised responses. This is ridiculous. Please provide some solutions to my problem.

You can try to contact :r: via Twitter or Facebook.

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Bluestacks android emulator on your PC.