Lost phone / changed phone number


According to the blurb for Revolut 4.13.1 update “If you lose your phone or you’ve changed your phone number … tap the “Changed your phone number?” button from the login screen to begin the process”. But there is no such button on my login screen? Using Android 6.0.1 on BlackBerry Dtek50. (This is a report, I don’t actually need it yet!).


I can see it :confused:


I would love to upload a screenshot but the “Choose files” button does absolutely nothing.


Had to email the screen shot to myself and post it via laptop.

This is my login screen.


But that screen is after you have logged in. The app will not request your phone number nor SMS code. Try completely logging out from the Profile section.


If you still have access to the app, the recommended way to change the phone number is different. This is the option for people who lost access due to a stolen phone or forgot to update their phone number before getting a new SIM.