Lost Phone. Can't log in.

I m travelling in the US, I lost my phone . I just buy a new one but I cant log in the app without my old number. How can Ichange my account into my new number?

Thank you in advance,


Hello @fp89,

Let’s get in touch via a direct message. We will help you change the phone number associated with your account.


Andreas K.

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Hi Andreas,

I also lost my phone, can you help me change my number?


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Sure - can you please send me a direct message?

How do I send a direct message?


I will do it for you!

My phone is also lost while I’m travelling. Can someone help???

My phone was stolen. I havent been able to log in to my account. Now my card won’t let me withdraw or pay. I am travelling. Please help! @anon33247966

@anon33247966 the screen on my phone broke and now i cant access through this phone can you help me? Im not managing to send you a private message

Hello I have the same problem and would like your help

Hello. I need to change nr Phone on my a count and email… I m list my Phone with all details

@anon33247966, I would need to do the same, could you please contact me, I don’t know how to reach you via direct message. Thank you very much !

@anon33247966 I would need your help it is urgent, I have changed number and cannot remember my previous password. could you please help me to recover my account ? Thanks !

Hello, i moved abroad and now have a new phone and number, unfortunate i have lost my old phone. Could you please help transfer my account to my new phone ?

hei! I need help too. I lost my phone and documents in fire allmost 5months ago. I had prepaid number. So what can i do about that?

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Hi Andrea,
I lost my phone and can’t access the app. Would it be possible to change access with my new number?

@anon33247966 i forggot my revolut 4digit pin please help, i do not own a iphone so could we contact via email?

Hi @anon33247966, I have tried to access my account but it is not recognizing my old phone number. Can we connect to solve this?

Hi! My bag together with my phone and cards got stolen last Friday night. I managed to block all cards and Apple Pay, but now there is no way I can get to my Revolut account, where I had all my economies, so I cannot order a new phone. My card has been found by someone in the meantime and returned. I also bought a new SIM card with the same phone number as before, but when I tried logging in from my sister’s phone, it made me create a new Revolut account. Is there any way I can access my money? Please help. It’s urgent.

Can you please help me sort out this issue with the revolut app downloaded in a new phone