Lost payments

Hi there.
My aunt has sent me money but typed the wrong account number how do I get this allocated to the correct account ASAP x

if it’s the account number you need to see it from the sending side. if it’s the reference number you have to contact support via the in-app chat and provide the details for them to find the transfer

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You need to contact the support with the in-app chat with a proof of transfer. Revolut backoffice team will then track it, please note that this is a manual operation and it can take several days.

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I have contacted them but no one replies

From where to where and in which currency?

Uk gbp from a santander account

either it will bounce or she credited the wrong person. I believe it has to be traced and reverted from origin (by your aunt contacting Santander’s support)

Yes it’s the wrong account number but my sort code.
Santander saying the money has been recieved by revolut

sure, but if it was credited to someone else’s account it’s not up to you (a third party) to claim ownership.

try contacting revolut support through the app. you might be lucky

I believe the proper procedure here would be that the sender would talk to Santander and inform them about the mistake. Santander can then get in contact with the receiver’s bank (Revolut) and ask them to inform the receiver about this. The receiver can then transfer the funds back.

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Wouldnt that mean it ended up somewhere completely different, possibly out of Revolut’s reach?

It’s always out of Revolut’s “reach“, because it was sent to someone’s account. The bank can’t just shovel money around if someone claims to be the rightful receiver of a transfer.

It is of course more complicated with Revolut because the sort code points to their banking partner and not to them directly.

I can see this happening:

  1. the sort code / account no combination used does not exist. Then the transfer should bounce back after a while. This can take a couple of days. Santander can investigate.

  2. the other account no does exist and is indeed another Revolut customer: still the sender who made the mistake has to start the process by talking to Santander.

  3. the other account no does exist but isn’t a Revolut no but some other account somewhere else: again the Sender should contact Santander to investigate this.

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assuming the wrong account exists, it could still be argued it should bounce because the name of the beneficiary will differ.

(no one checks the name, I know)

Not necessarily, if it was sent to a pooled account, they can assign it given there is proper documentation.

The problem here might be that the transfer actually went through but ended up somewhere completely different than Revolut. In that case Revolut cant do anything.

it was a UK/GBP transfer. those are all individual accounts.

I know, that why I asked earlier. And hence, in this case it might have ended up somewhere else than Revolut.

It wasn’t a pooled account. It was a wrong account no with the correct sort code. But even if the account no would be another Revolut customer, Revolut would be not able to resolve this without the sender’s bank contacting them, I believe. The money would be credited to someone’s account by now and Revolt can’t access someone’s funds without proper procedure. And that needs to be initiated by the sender.

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I got that, thats why I asked for clarification about that in the first place.

Agreed, but it would be at least still under Revolut’s control. If it was transferred to a completely recipient however, it really is entirely out of their reach.

Bottom line, Revolut is not the right contact for this issue.

No problem thank youball

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