Lost my number


I lost my phone while travelling & as a result lost my number as I can’t get a replacement sim. I now can’t access my revolut card as I have an Australian number & can’t even get the app!

How can I get around this as I have money on my card & want to stat using it again ASAP!

Please help!

Thanks in advance,


You can use your money with your card only!

Hey there @Faye :slight_smile:

Check this topic, please

Also, under no circumstances this is an official way, but if you’re in a hurry you could Google Revolut APK and manually download it :slight_smile:

You could buy a Skype number and have support associate it with your Revolut account. Any virtual phone number that you can receive 6 digit login codes will work such as a google voice number if you also are a US resident.
Of course I’m assuming wifi internet access

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