Lost my cards in Thailand, created Revolut cards through virtual cards as my only alternative...


Good morning,

I found Revolut card to be the best solution for me after losing my 2 cards in Thailand. However, the only way to top it up is by using cards associated to my name, which as I said, I lost them. My only alternative was to create virtual cards associated to one of my lost cards. At some point, Revolut asked me for the 4 digit code in my bank statement, which I find very reasonable. I’m waiting at the moment by this code after emailing my bank.

After searching about similar problems on community, I found that creating virtual cards is not advisable as the next step after confirming the code, is taking a picture of my physical card. I actually have a picture of my VISA card, but don’t have one of my MAESTRO card, which is the one that I used to generate virtual cards.

Who is the person I should get in touch with in order to send all needed proof that virtual cards are mine?

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The best thing to do would be to use your bank to transfer funds by SEPA. It would overcome all these obstacles.


Virtual cards might not be supported for top ups. I believe this is what the FAQs say about this? You can contact support via in app chat.


Yes, it was my mistake. I had no other solution. To make matters even worse, I can only see my bank statement if I login in my bank website. And the only way to create a password is to do it in my country, so I had no other alternative than to cancel my cards. (I’ve never logged in before)

This means that I topped up my Revolut card with money from lost and cancelled cards and I’m getting a blocked card.

Now who is the person I should get in touch with in order to find a way to get my money back? Thank you.


Contact support via in app chat.


Hi @DareDaniel. Please get in touch with our in-app support team and an agent will help you access your account.