Lost money - 2 weeks [Solved]


I’ve tried to make a top up via bank transfer 2 weeks ago, on the 5th of April, with a large amount of money, approx. 33k EUR. My bank (the sender) have sent the money out on Tuesday 10th of April and since then I’m waiting for the money to arrive in my Revolut account, but nothing. 9 days already … My account limits have been upgraded accordingly. I did specify the personal reference in the bank transfer I did.

I’ve contacted the in app support on April 13th, but they didn’t help at all. Nothing more than they are waiting for someone else to advise. On top of that the guy is not answering anymore to my in app messages.

This is not only unacceptable, but also I’m starting to think I need to go to the Police or other regulatory bodies to get help with this.

Any help is welcome.


You might have hit your annual top up limit. You can check this limit under “more, profile, limits”. You can find more about this in the help center, along with details about how to increase this limit.

Hi Frank, thanks but no, the annual limit has been increased together with the other limits.

As far as I know, larger sums undergo a more rigorous check. I would provide some sort of proof for the transfer via support chat, that shows the outgoing bank details, name of sender along with details like the reference.

You can also try to contact them via twitter/facebook. That might be faster.

I have provided already the transaction statement from the sending bank. They haven’t asked anything more, just said they have to wait for their payment provider.

Solved after 10 days by Revolut.