Lost in Currencies.

Hello everybody !

Just a quick question :

I’m french, actually living and working in Australia.
I would like to put some money in my revolut account because I’m going back to Europe. But I don’t know if I should directly transfer the AUDs in EUR or if I should put the AUDs on my account and after change them in EUR. or maybe there is no difference, but I don’t know, I have my account since one week, I looked on internet and didn’t find the answer. I hope I was clear in my explanations !

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There is a little difference-time.
If you send AUD to your EUR account you will have EUR exchanged by ratio in that particular moment. If you money to your AUD account you can hold it and just pay for everything in France. During each payment revolut will exchange your AUD into EUR using ratios during payments- here you should be aware- weekend’s ratios are little bit higher.

My advice: there were some problems with sending money to individual EUR account (BIC/ SWIFT number ), so be careful- maybe use pooled account even for EUR rather than individual…

I.e. this thread:

That’s hard to tell. As far as I understand your question:

(1) Sending EUR to Revolut means your Australian bank charges you for conversion and international transfer.

(2) Sending AUD to Revolut means your Australian bank charges you for an international transfer.

My guess is that (2) will be cheaper because there is no conversion on your bank’s side. But fees for international transfers can vary and are not transparent.

Thank you for you answer.

What do you mean by “pooled account”? I checked on a translation website and it means “shared account”? I didn’t understand… anyway I’ll try to transfer and I’ll tell you if it’s working or not !

@frank : So maybe I can transfer the AUD from by OZ bank account to Revolut so I don’t pay any conversion fee and once the money is on Revolut, I change the AUD on EUR ?

Revolut uses IBANs + reference codes to channel money through their banking parter into your wallet. Whenever you see a reference code in the app that you must not forget for a transfer, all customers use this very same IBAN for incoming transfers and the reference is the part that allocates the money to your wallet.

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At this moment revolut gives us individual account for GBP and EUR. The rest is pooled (one account for everybody). So during using pooled account reference number is vital, because this number describes beneficiary.