Lost card


Hello, can i ask, if i made a mistake and i ordered a new revolut card because i thought that i lost her, there is some way to stop the order?


Hi Dashy,

Have you tagged the card as lost?
If yes, Revolut might not be able to un-suspend it, as someone could have acquired your card details.
Also, when did you order the card? If it’s printed, they might not be able to cancel.
@AndreasK might be able to help you. :slight_smile:


Hi there. I can see only two cards, one virtual and one physical, linked to your account.


Hello :slight_smile:
It happened to my boyfriend Milos Silný and he isn’t part of the ask community and he doesn’t know well English, so i write for him.
He order new revolut card yesterday but he did not tagged lost because he didn’t know, we first wrote to “chat to us - Rita robot” from his account and we just learned, that we don’t have to freeze the card until the new card arrives because it can cancel the order or something like this and he needed new card as soon as because we travel to the USA in a few days.


Let’s get in touch via a DM so that I can help you out guys! :wink:


Oh, okay and what is it? :smiley:


DM is a direct message here.