Lost card and phone


Hi someone stole my card and my phone. I cannot access my revolut account from Ipad and cannot freeze the card. It had money on it. I cannot call the number as I am abroad (Italy). Any chance you can help? Thanks



If you call +442033228352 you can get it cancelled via the automated system.

If you download and install ‘Bluestacks’ on your PC, you can run Android virtually and use the Revolut app there too.


Hi thanks for your answer.
I tried with blue stacks on my macbook and it still sends the verification code to my number to which I don’t have access anymore. It sets it as if it was a new app. I had it installed on my iPhone but not on my iPad. So is there another way to get into my account?I’ve been trying to call the number to block the card but it doesn’t work , maybe because Im abroad. Please help! Is there anyway I can recover the money I had on the card if it has been spent?


Hi @giorgiaeffe.

I’ve blocked your card for you. You can access your account by logging in on a supported device with the phone number linked to your account. Wait 1 minute on the 6 digit code screen to get through to in-app support, and an agent can then provide you with the code so you can log in.


I have lost card and do not have the pin. Support asks me to enter the last four digits of card in order to reset the PIN but as I don’t have the card I can’t do that. What do you suggest?


I’ve frozen my card, but can not find the “report lost card” in the app.