Lost Account - How to get support?


I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this incident,

I’ve been happily using Revolut and recommending it for a couple of years now. However I experienced these issues in this order;

Unable to access money in the ATM (pin wrong even though it was correct)

Unable to view or change the pin in the app

Unable to make purchases even though money was on the account

Unable to log into the account or recover.

I then setup a new account(same phone number and name and address, all same details) and tried to link my account under the link option, which said that the account could not be linked.

I’m also unable to gain any support anywhere.

Not sure how i’m going to get access to my money :frowning:

Has anyone had a similar experience or advise for me?

It sounds like you created a whole new account with your phone number, and you cannot link a Revolut card to multiple accounts.

We’ll need to update the original account to the correct number. Please reach out to us on the support chat and we can take care of it!


No i didn’t create multiple accounts only the one, that stated it didn’t exist when i tried to login, I had to create a second one to get support (with the same details so there must have been a real incident).

After which i received a top piece of support and had the incident resolved and original account linked, which I can now access.

Many thanks, keep up the good work, i will keep recommending this product.


Lee M

I was locked out of my gmail account and now I can’t access my revolut account


How I can get the support chat? I have got same issue with my acc. Cant access to my rev.acc. after changing my cell phone.