Lost ability to toggle transactions out of analytics

iOS 5.52 has lost the ability of toggling transactions to exclude them from analytics.

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Seems it isn’t a bug, but Revolut decided to discontinue it, for whatever reason I’m not at all sure. It was a useful feature.

This is what support told me:

“ I have received an answer that this feature has been removed from the app. I am sorry about that.”

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Further responses on Twitter suggest that it might be related to a more thorough future overhaul of budget/reporting section where the current approach doesn’t make sense.

If it is a “future overhaul” why not let this feature built in until then?
There are enough use cases why it’d be useful that I don’t have to explain mine. Also people used it! See this and this post.
@revolut why did you remove it?
Without this feature the whole analytics area is completely useless for me. I’m salty because it has so much potential to be good and it’s kinda what I dreamed about a bank would so easily but again if I can’t hide specific transactions (only from analytics), it’s useless for me.