Lost a feature with 7.0: Compare my monthly spending

I am not good in budget, and this feature showed me the months where I was doing good or bad.
Now I can only see the spending of the current month. Please Revolut, bring back the previous months.

Just swipe on the bar graph. You can flip through earlier months that way.


Damn, I feel old now for not having fought of that… Why do we have swipe everything?
Thank you for the answer.

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They could make it a lot more obvious tbh, like by putting a faded out last month next to it on both sides

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But please bring back the ‘All time’ statistics!


Yes i agree, and also the yearly overview is gone - pretty bad.


Is there a way to get back the ‘All time’ option? It has really gone.

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Yearly overview will probably be brought to the home page along with other analytical insights - that’s what the home screen is for

Someone can help me, please? With the new version I don’t find the Money box, there isn’t in the widget… why?

You’re probably talking about the Vault: --> Wealth --> Vaults.

Why is the hide transaction gone? I did used it a lot. And now all hidden transactions appeared and are making a great mess…

I think they’re planning on making merchant icons and names better, so they feel like there’s no need to hide transactions (esp since you can exclude things from analytics now)