Looking to sign up up to Revolut

Was thinking of finally signing up to Revolut for my banking needs and was just wondering about the process of doing so. I just want to get an idea of the signing up process, the details i’ll need to give and what is required to do so all the services are available to me. It would very much appreciated.

Hi @DarrenLynch1995,

You’ll need to sign up with an EEA phone number and have a valid EEA address.

Once you have signed up you will have to verify your account. You need to verify your identity in order to top up and use your Revolut account. This policy is in line with a UK banking regulation called 'Know your Customer’ (KYC) and is the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients. It is simply an anti-corruption and fraud measure.

Until you have completed this step, you are not bound by Revolut’s General Terms of Service. Any card top ups or bank transfers you send into your Revolut account before verifying your identity will be made at your own risk and are subject to applicable fees. For help with this step, please refer to the question above.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.

That’s great to know. Could you perhaps explain the steps for Revolut for Business perhaps? It would help a lot. Thanks again for the first answer

It’s just one step sign up process.

All you need to do is to fill up this form: https://business.revolut.com/signup?ref=


surely this is a scam???

I have tried to upload my passport and my selfie for the past 3 weeks you have sent me the card now and taken Money from me !!!
Every time I upload my passport you say

CANNOT VERIFY it is clearly me in the selfie I don’t understand what the hell is going on…

This is not a scam. You probably had to pay for the card and for the delivery. I’m pretty sure these are clearly stated.

There’s nothing the community can do to help you other than pointing you to the official support, which is the in-app chat.

To access the in-app chat, click last tab (bottom-right), click on the question mark (top right), scroll down to Chat with us and click new chat. To bypass Rita (which is a help bot) type “Live agent”.

Other means of contacting :r: are via Facebook and Tweeter.

Please take some time to read this forum. You will learn a lot.

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I have set up Revolut. Over the past month it won’t let me into the app because it keeps saying I need to verify my ID. I take a clear picture with my passport and selfie every time and it still won’t work. I have the card. I cannot get into the app at all

Hi Darren, could you give me some advice on how to sign up to Revolut, it says that either my phone no or passcode is invalid, have a European phone no. Need to get a pin to activate my card would appreciate your help Thanks

Have card but frustrated with the process of signing into the app how do I access an account in Revolut Thanks

Hi, just to better understand… how can you have a card if you still didn’t sign up?!? :thinking:

Yes well previously I couldn’t get into the account that I had set up, sfrustrating so I gave up on that and tried then to open a new account, as I saw some posts on setting up an account I just followed along with the info, but thank you for reminding me of that, cause I just tried it again and simply got in I’m so delighted thank you for suggesting it, great to get set up at last Thanks​:+1::hugs:

Posting it here as it seems I can’t create new posts yet.

I can’t sign up into revolut either. I’ve been trying for days now, thinking it was a temporary issue with the platform, but no luck so far. It should be an easy and straight forward process, but it turned out to be a very frustrating one.

App installed from scratch, if I tap sign up, I enter my Spanish phone number and I receive the code, I proceed to complete all my address info and I end up getting a message that I already have an account and I should use the log in button.

Very well, I then go to the starting screen and click log in instead of sign up. I enter my phone number and click in Forgot pin code, as I’ve never entered one. I then receive a recovery code via SMS but I instantly get a message saying that my account couldn’t be recovered and I should sign up again…

So you see, my account seems to be in limbo, where I can’t sign up nor log in.

To make matters worse, there doesn’t seem to be any straight forward support channel available for users in such situation. The help center says you can reach support through the app, but it seems that it’s only available when you’re logged in. And you have to have a masters degree in engineering to be able to post new posts here in the community discourse.

Can someone help me out?

I’ve already tried reinstalling the application several times.



It seems you need help of support since in my opinion your situation is not self fixable in any way… :roll_eyes:

Go to a PC and enter Revolut by web… Yes, it will ask you to confirm access by app at first, but if you wait there would be more options available.

Once inside contact support…

If it doesn’t work too, contact support by DM on their Twitter account… it seems to be a good way in this situations…

I have the exactly same problem, anyone plz give the possible solution

Hi there. I have the same issue. Did you or anyone solved this?. Thx

Hi, I tried to sign up my I used my addres from Brazil, I read it wrong. I live in Ireland and want my account here. But now I am in a queue, because I think revolut it’s not there yet. I can’t change my addres for Ireland? Need to wait forever? I don’t live in Brazil anymore… was an silly mistake now I don’t now how to open the account.

Hi, I’m looking to join as well. Could someone tell me if there is a credit check carried out when signing up for standard free account, and will it affect my credit score for opening to many bank accounts?


I tried to set up a revolut account today.
I took my selfie and all was going well until it brought me back to the login page.
I tried to log in however it says no account has been made with this number and if i try to sign up it says something has gone wrong.
I have no way of contacting revolut as it’s in-app support.
Please help!!!

I have set up a revolut account.
My account has been closed after I submitted my identity verification.
I can’t log in to the app so I can’t use support.
Please tell me how to solve it.

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