Looked Promising, Shocking Support


I just signed up. This card looked promising. Shortly after going through motion of activation it was locked for no reason. After an hour of waiting for someone to respond to the online chat, someone eventually responded saying they were transferring me. Hours later and me sending a “anyone there”, nothing. I’d rather have normal business hours than this type of service. This morning still no response and no phone number to call. Probably going to cancel and try someone else. I can’t rely on a service especially financial if there’s “no support”


“no reason” ?
almost sure you are missing some details, “no reason” is def. not a reason for a lock down.


I entered the pin on my top up card statement which it said was successful. After relighting in with touchid I got the your account is locked message. Either way, don’t put someone on hold with no form of feedback/what to do …

There seem to be numerous complaints about this.


there are numerous complaints, because people are usually not reading the rules, and also, there is automated security system tracking any suspicious activity like - top-uping from different cards, or loading too much money at once, then trying to transfer it out immediately etc… Revolut is pretty serious company no matter the posts and there is always a good reason for automated lock down. I guess, too many people from too many countries saw a quick way to transfer in and out money with Revolut and didnt read all about the verification process, so there are pretty tight fraud protection security measures.

Revolut`s support is expanding, from what i read. Me, personaly never had to wait wayyyy to much, when heaving issues or problems, but i am premium user and im taking good advantage of that 24/7 support.


It’s good that they take security seriously but they need to take support seriously too. It is not good enough for people to have their funds locked up for hours, days or weeks at a time because they can’t handle their support load.


absolutely. Many people running into this issue. They need to up their game quickly!