Long response time from Customer Chat - is there no plan?


I realised that a transfer I sent to myself 6 days is still not reflecting.

I opened Chat, the query too complex for the Bot (does that really work?) requested Live Agent at 0815 and it’s now 0910, almost an hour later, no response.

I see many complaints about the long wait for agents to respond.

Is there a plan, or is Revolut simply going to continue with this poor QOS?


Hi! From what I’ve heard, they are trying really hard to shorten the support response time. In the meantime, you can reach them quicker on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: https://facebook.com/revolutapp :slight_smile:


Hi. Thanks, actually I did contact them on Facebook in the end, and reached Andreas.

But given the overwhelming volume of complaints about the long wait times for support, it seems to me there is a problem.

Talk is cheap. Revolut needs to open up and give customers specifics on what it is doing?

More staff would be the obvious fix, although undesirable from driving up the cost base, but perhaps they are exploring alternatives.

We just don’t know because the Management isn’t talking.


I agree the Revolut overall offering is great, but when a problem occurs need to be able to chat to somebody quickly. Internal chat should be the priority channel not social media


Yes! That’s crazy. Quasi 5 hours: no answer! The stupid Rita is supposed to have transfered to live support agent. But I wonder if they still exist. Bad experience.


It seems customer service is overloaded all the time. There is no other way to reach customer service than app chat. I tried many times for hours but never got response. I want to dispute one transaction but unable to do it.
I think I made mistake by choosing Revolt.