London transport contactless

I tried to use my Revolut card on the TfL yellow readers but it doesnt register it. Is there a way to use it on London transport? My contactless works in shops. Thanks

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My revolut card works perfectly with TFL, just make sure you have more than 10 GBP on your card for the deposit. Please read this

Ah ok, thanks very much

That’s correct. Revolut card works with tfl. However, your Revolut Card won’t work with TFL if your balance is below £10.

given @revolut is a prepaid card, TfL takes £10 out and then refunds you of the remaining amount several days later.

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I used my Revolut card last year in London on the public transport system while visiting in the summer. Worked without any problem whatsoever - saved me getting an Oyster card too. Capped at £6.50.

The cap depends on where you travel and if you travel only by bus or also tube and finally also if you travel on- or off-peak.

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That is true.
I think I arrived in London after 10am and didn’t venture beyond Zone 3 on that particular day.
A TravelCard would have cost around £11 though, so it was definitely worth using a contactless payment card :slight_smile:

Hi AndreasK
I saw on the forum that you’ve helped people before having issues with using the revolut contactless with TFL. It doesn’t seem to work for mW at all. Do I have to register the card on something? I always have more than £10 and the card with everything else. I don’t know what to do. I ordered a second revolut card specifically to use on the tubes.

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Sure :slight_smile: I’m here to help!

Can you drop me a DM with your phone number associated with your account?

I’m so embarrassed to say I actually don’t know how to DM you! Could you send me one and I’ll reply with my number. Thank you very much!

I will do that for you :slight_smile:

Hey there ! I just have the same issue with my contactless card. The contactless paiement works in shop but not in the TFL …

I also had the same problem. Does anybody solved this issue?