London EUR ATM

Would any of you Londoners be able to point me to an ATM I can withdraw EUR from (with no fees), I’m going to Paris (but I want to have some cash on me too, even though card acceptance is good).

If there aren’t any, do you guys know any french banks with no ATM fees?

As the UK doesnt have EUR as their domestic currency i dont think that there are any ATM’s where you can withdraw Euro.

You should look for an ATM in France to withdraw money.


There are a couple in London that do allow you to withdraw EUR, I’m just not sure if they’re free withdrawal or not (my guess would be they are, since the UK has a hatred for paying for this)

But it’s close to multiple Euro countries. We in Switzerland can get EUR on most ATM machines and it’s not our currency either. But don’t look too closely to exchange rate and/or fees charged. Can’t compete with Revolut card use at all.

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there are many in london, in underground stations, with the £/€ signs above them and no commission

Thanks that’s good to know. I never found an ATM to withdraw Euro - ok normally i need pounds when i am there :smiley:

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I know of two here in Brighton, I can’t see their reason to exist tbh.

Nice I’ll get 50€ out at one I guess while I’m there, as opposed to hoping every single merchant in France accepts card

tfl website points to this one to make them easier to find

There are lots of EUR ATMs in major Tube stations, operated by Raphaels Bank. For example Canary Wharf has one.

I’ve only used cards with a Eurozone BIN (without any problem), but I read reports a few years ago that when using cards with a UK BIN, there was enforced dynamic currency conversion. Hopefully this doesn’t happen any more.


You can get EUR there with a Swiss card but all foreign cards can only get CHF from Swiss ATMs even when they have also EUR inside…

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Sure the airport ATM have EUR
But i don’t think they are free to use

There’s an ATM in the Piccadilly Circus station which dispenses Euro and Dollars. We used it last week to withdraw US dollars we had stored on our card. No fee if under £200.

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I should be near Piccadilly at some point so I’ll withdraw some cash from there then, cheers!