London bus payment confusion


On May 28th I first paid for the bus ride in London with Revolut, as my Oyster card was empty, then soon later topped the card with £10. In the app both transactions has been listed as -10£, now the bus ride changed to -1,73€, which is 1,50£, seems correct.

For couple of days I thought I was charged twice for the top-up of the Oyster card, but this seems to not be the case. If you experience this, just waiting sorts all out :wink:


That’s completely normal, every time you pay for London transport with your Revolut card, you will be charged £10 and after a few days it will change to the correct amount :slight_smile: I recommend reading the FAQ since this is mentioned there:


Just waiting sorts all out.
And reading the FAQs prevents the headache.



Thanks. A bus ride on the other day has been charged directly £1,50 without any £10 booking for it, therefore my question.


I double checked to ensure and couldn’t find it on the FAQ.
To prevent miscommunication, please see the following blog article;

In particular, the image from within the article;



Sorry @jtaylor69, my apologies, it is not explained in the FAQs. It is in the app itself. When you see the payment details, it states that this is a pre-funding transaction for upcoming travels. And they provide a link to the operator’s official website where they explain how it works with contactless cards.

Sorry again for pointing in the wrong direction.