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I cannot login to revolut as i never received a 4 digit pincode. What should I do?


You choose the four digit pass code yourself during the signup process, Revolut doesn’t send it to you. At the bottom of your screen should be a “Forgot your passcode?” link. If you choose that it should guide you through the recovery process.


Yes, that is 100% correct @glesga. Thank you so much for helping @Colin2 out :pray:

Were you able to recover your account access @Colin2? :eyes:

I can’t remember on the passcode but the one 4-digit passcode I use don’t work. For the “forgot your passcode” doesn’t work either and comes up “we’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please again later”
This message has continuously come up since i signed up to revolut, there is no guide me through the process.

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could (this topic) be related?

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It could be the same problem Graham posts, although I would hope that’s been fixed after a year. You can try to log in (and/or change the passcode) through the website rather than through the app on your phone. If it works you can contact support through the web access. If it doesn’t work the only ways I can think of to contact support are either feedback@revolut.com, facebook message or twitter.


same issue here crazy stuff can,t reach revolut without access to the app “forgot your passcode” proccess stopped after the app crashed payments are about to be due can,t access my money anyone please help fast :frowning:

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Hi @Angery and welcome
There are a number of ways to contact :r: outside the app.
Have a look at (this topic) for how that can be done…


Hi @Angery :wave:

Just checking in to see if you were able to reach out to us and get back in your account?

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I can’t start a new thread, but I also have an issue with the passcode, albeit a different one.

I have been with Revolut a few years and today the app has stopped accepting my passcode - I can’t log in as it claims the passcode is incorrect.

The app also claims my phone number is incorrect - doesn’t recognize it on Android and when I try to log in online.

I’'m out of options here - how do I fix this? There is no chat option in the app as it’s fully signed out…


Hi @paoskjdpoa and welcome.
two posts up from yours there is a link to how to contact :r: outside the app which you should try.



I forgot my passcode and I’m trying to reset it about 30 minutes
I clean on “Forgot my passcode” after I’m received the email, I clean on “authenticate” button" and…It happens noting
Also I don’t see chat in the app
What can I do?


Hi @AnnaBakhtina and @paoskjdpoa :wave:

If you have forgotten your passcode to access the Revolut app, tap on ‘Forgot your passcode?’ in the login page of the app and follow the simple instructions to reset your passcode.

You might be asked to take a selfie and answer some questions in order to complete the verification process.

If you fail the verification process, you can contact us via in-app chat, even if you’re not logged in.

This should help you get back to your account, and update your password :pray:

Hello Mariana,
I’m having the same issue, I went through the process for verifying my documents, but again I still can’t access my account, I receive an email to authenticate my login but when I do, app goes frozen!

Hi @sammg1 :wave:

Please, make sure you have the latest version of the app, and a strong network/wifi connection.

If you fail the verification, you will be directed to the chat :ok_hand:

I have checked connection, and the app version, I reinstalled it many times, and still no success.

Hi Mariana,

you can contact us via in-app chat, even if you’re not logged in

When I was logged out there was no option to use the chat in-app. Not sure where is it supposed to be?

I’m on Android and using the latest version. I needed to reach out to the team via twitter when I was locked out of the app.

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Thanks, I did not see the link there initially.

My issue is resolved now, although not sure which step helped exactly.

I sent my selfie for verification and tried the “forgot passcode” option. The concerning part was the fact that the app claimed my number was incorrect and would not send me a text message with a temporary code to log in.
After 20 minutes or so I went back to do the “forgot my passcode” route again, but this time it did let me set a new passcode and then allowed me to log in. I assume the selfie verification completed by this point.

Writing it out here in case anyone stumbles upon the same issue.
I had also reached out to Revolut on twitter - they did reply eventually, but it’s a bit odd to be contacting my bank via twitter.


Most flows connect you eventually to chat when other options fail, when you didn’t receive security codes via text for example. It might not be obvious, because it does t say “chat to us”, it might say something like “didn’t receive text”. I am paraphrasing here, the actual information the app provides might be different, I don’t remember each and every step.

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same issue I am logged out and they keep telling me to look for anonymous chat but there is no chat on my app!