Login issues


Login with fingerprint on android usually works, fairly often it doesn’t and on these occasions neither does the login pin. Clicking ‘forgot?’ does work, I enter phone number and last top-up amount and a code is sms’d to my phone. However, I don’t need to enter this code; it just appears in the field I should be typing in. Maybe not an issue, after all it gets me in, but I suspect it isn’t meant to work that way…?


Situation sounds odd.

Have you tried force quitting the app (Opening the app launcher and then swiping the app.) and then launching Revolut again?


Hey there @Spinehoover :slight_smile:

It’s probably not meant to work this way. When this happens to me, going to the multi-tasking Android view, closing Revolut completely and opening it back usually solves it :slight_smile:

I have also seen a correlation of this happening and a bad network coverage :confused: