Logging In Abroad After Lost Phone!


I was in London in May and signed up to Revolut using my UK sim card. I have been very pleased with the app and the rates charged and have used it across Africa, Europe and now South America.

However, I lost my phone in Colombia and had to replace it yesterday. Now when I try to log on to my Revolut App, it asks me for my number, but I no longer have the UK sim card I used initially. I try to log on with a Colombia sim, it doesnt work. I go online for help and Revolut proposes me In App chat…But I cant get into the App! And the phone line is automated. So I have to write here…

I am abroad, with a new phone, how can I log into my account?


Hey @matyoukee :slight_smile:

Please, check if this post is useful:


Hi, It’s not useful. When I try to log on with my UK number it simply says “something went wrong, try later”

So I should go on twitter?


Oh @matyoukee!

There is an ongoing technical issue affecting the app. It will not work until it’s resolved :frowning:
Trying with Twitter is definitely a good idea.