Logged out


Hi all,

I got Revolut card probably as soon as it was announced and used it for a bit and then left it w/o any activity. I restored my phone and after a very very long time of attempting to use the app again I’m asked to provide my phone number and pin in order to log in. However I don’t remember the pin and after tapping “Forgot?” I am asked to enter last four digits of my topup card which (due to long inactivity) has expired and has been replaced with another one).

So now I’m basically locked out of my account and I am not sure how to get my account back. All of the support guides lead me to “in-app chat” which is probably accessible when one is logged in. But unfortunately for me this is not an option.

What procedure should I follow to get back into my account and continue using my revolut card? Unfortunately I was unable to properly formulate questions to R.I.T.A., and was unable to get any help from it.

Any advice is much appreciated!


Hey there @eimantas :slight_smile:

You’re probably being asked for the top-up code (I am not sure though), which is a 4 digit code that would show on your bank statement as: RevolutXXXX


Hey Juliopp,

Thanks for your reply. These weren’t the four digits that app asked, however next to them I found the full card number in the transaction description. And the last 4 digits of those were of the topup card. I’m in again!

Thanks a heap!


Wonderful, @eimantas :smiley: