Logged out, revolut doesn't recognize number


Hi there, I’ve been using revolut since around 2015 and not run into any problems. Today I decided to open my app and check my balance/transfer some cash out and I noticed it had logged me out.
I input my number (I’m using another number now that’s not registered with the app, but I still do have access to the old one) and instead of asking me to log in with my pin, it asks me to “create a passcode for your revolut account.” I’m 100% certain that it’s the right number as I’ve changed 3 phones since I opened my account and used the app on all of them without any problem.
I understand that I can still use my card (I last used it less than 24 hours ago) but I really would like to me able to access the account. Thank you!


Right so, I figured it out. Apparently I had changed my number but forgotten. There’s no bug, I’m just an idiot.


Glad the situation’s been resolved.