Logged out and new account created


I just paid with my revolut card online, then opened the app to check the payment, and it greeted me as if I had not logged in before, requesting phone nr and personal details. I followed the requests and got logged in, but my card was not registered, it had created a new account. I tried to link my existing card but could not. How can I access my account?


Hey @miiew :slight_smile:

Are you sure you used the exact same phone number you registered with? :wink:

You can get in touch with the in-app support team clicking Support in the More tab of the app :wink:


I didn´t, I have a new phone number now and no access to the old one! I´ll contact support when they open…


Hey @Miiew :slight_smile:

That’s the reason then :wink:
This should be easily fixed!


Great stuff, cheers!!