Logged out and can't log back in



I’ve been asked by a consultant to log and and log in because my address cannot be verified. Now I am logged out and can’t log in or speak with the help service. Can you pls help? Thanks


If you tap ‘forgot your PIN’ you will be able to speak with a member of customer support.


Or drop me a direct message so that I can help you out :slight_smile:


Hi Andreas,

I’m unable to log in to my account after logging out. I’ve used a different SIM for traveling during the last 3 weeks, that might have something to do with it.

Could you help please?



Hi Gergo.

Please drop me a DM if you need help.


Hi Andreas.

Sent you a PM with the details!



Hi, I can’t log in either. I’m using a different phone number as I’m travelling so I cannot access the app since the update.

Can you dm me please



Hi! I’ve been trying to contact a support member for 5 days now and still have has no response. I’ve been logged out and as I’m travelling I have a different number and can no longer verify my account! Please help! I need access to my account to top up!


Sure. I will do that right now.


Let me get in touch with you via DM.


I have also been log out and cannot log back in without creating a new account.
I am a premium user but without direct phone line the 24/7 help desk is useless when we do not have access to the app.
Please help me.


I have the same issue,

I cant log back in (the app somehow disconnected me for no reason)

Plus, I have changed phone number so no way to get back into my account.
As there is no service outside the app, could you please help me recover my account? thank you



The “official” way to do this is logging in with the old number and go from there. You can then access support to help you further with changing number. That’s how it is described in the FAQs.


Yes but i dont have the old number anymore and they send a text to verify… so i cant access the app unfortunately…


You don’t need the old phone number to be active. Log in with the number you signed up, enter you passcode, and wait 2 minutes.


Hi there,
Hi try to change my cellphone number and that never works…
After that i log out to my account and now i can not log in again. What can i do please?


I try to do that and that say passcode was wrong…
No way it’s the good one…
Please help


I can’t log into my revolut account after changing my phone. Please help! How do I direct message you?


Please check your inbox, I’ve just sent you a message.


Hi I have just been logged out and can’t log back in… Can you please advise/assist ASAP?

Many thanks,