Log in fails


Good evening,

I am having troubles accessing my Revolut account from my app.

Since saturday i am living in the US and changed my phone number.

On Sunday unfortunately I lost my card, I was able to freeze through the app but when I was asking for a new card some problem happened and the support team told me I should log out and try to log in again.

But as I changed the number, I couldn’t anymore.

How can I ask for a new card and have again access to my account?

I hope we can resolve this.

Thank you


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Hi Flavia, you’re now 15789 on the waiting list


Try contact Revolut on Facebook or Twitter :+1:


Hi Ares, i tried on Facebook and no answer, i will see if i can on twitter, thank you!


Hi there. I can help you out. Could you please drop me a direct message?


Hi Andreas, thank you! Talked through Twitter and now it is working again. :slight_smile:

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