Log in dont work


I can’t log in my account. I had an account with one number associated and a Phone. I change the phone and the number and now I can’t have access to my last account. I also have a card, and I have money there. Please help me.



Hey @Ritaquintas :slight_smile:

Please check this:


But I can’t LOG IN!!!


Hey @Ritaquintas :slight_smile:

You have precise information on what to do if you can’t login in the link I sent you :wink:


There is nothing asking for login
I Just can create a new account.


Hey there again @Ritaquintas :slight_smile:

If you put the phone number you had an account with, it will take you to the login page. You can’t put a new number straight away and expect the app to recognize you :wink:

If you need to have your account’s phone number changed, check the link in the first answer.


But the APP dont recognize my Number . I put the Number, and then I go to
the passcode. After that soprar a error