Locked out of my account! Please help?



Today, I tried to transfer some money to an account. After I clicked transfer, I am now locked out of my account and the app. It says when I open the app, “This will appear on you bank statement as Revolut Card code 1234”. However, I did not use that card to transfer the funds. I used a different one. Also, please could you tell me how much the daily limit is for Topping up? At the moment, I can top-up a maximum of £250 which is not enough. Please could you look into my account?




They want you to verify the card you used to top up your Revolut account. Check FAQs: “How can I verify my debit card?”


Hi there. We can see that an agent responded to your query via chat - are you not able to see the message?


Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Yes, an agent responded to my query, but they have asked me for confirmation of this card. I still haven’t received any pin from my bank yet, so I still can’t use the app. Also, please can you tell me how I increase my daily limit?


Check the FAQs about the daily limit for top up cards. It increases over time.


Can you see the top up to Revolut on your online banking?


Regarding daily top up limits please check this: https://www.revolut.com/faq#are-there-any-limits-to-topping-up-my-account


Hi Andres,

I have received the code from my bank, but now I can’t access the app because of security reasons. It says when I log in “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons. Please contact the support team” please, can you help me and access my account? I deposited some money and I have not been able to do anything with it. It’s been 2 days now and I am no further.

I have messaged the support team saying this. I have no option to verify any information. This is extremely annoying because there is pending money that I don’t want to loose.


I forgot to mention. I can access the support section but not the accounts.