Locked out of my account no new phone



I’ve been using Revolut for almost a year now. And this weekend when I tried logging in my app. It asked me to create a new account. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still no account.

What can I do to login in my account ?


Hey @pissedof :slight_smile:

Please check this thread:


It doesn’t help I can’t join the support
When I open the app. It asks me to create a new account.


Hey @pissedof :slight_smile:

In the thread I posted you can find at least 4 methods to contact :r: without logging in.


I know. I contacted feedback.
Can’t send PM to the CM
Don’t have twitter
Facebook doesn"t answer


I can see your account fully active?:hushed:


Yes, my account is active. And it is working well.
Howevere, when I launch my application. It doesn’t “recognize” my phone anymore and asks me to create a new account.
And I have uninstalled / reinstalled the application. It is the same thing. I


Are you using the same phone number you used to sign up?


Yes I am


Ok. Please drop me a DM.


How ?



I have exactly the same problem
I m a 1 year premium user no change in telephon etc…
Need your help !!!


Hello, not premium but an “old” user and i’ve exactly the same issue since friday even after updating to last version…don’t see (on mobile though) how to send a DM… :confused:
Thanks in advance


Hey @Jcads :slight_smile:

You’ll only be able to send direct messages around 24 hours after your first post :wink:

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Hello @Juliopp
Ok thanks i’ll contact @AndreasK if he doesn’t see this complementary messages…
I’ve seen multiples comments on play store telling about the same issue last friday, is it a known bug ?

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Hi there. Please check your inbox :slight_smile: