locked out of my account and forgot my old number


Hey guys

i guess i am in a very interesting situation.

I am a paying premium user
I forgot my old phone number as it was a travel sim once i signed up - i ofc dont have the sim anymore
Now i upgraded to a new phone and did not check the number and there for cant claim my account the normal way

support email is not working at revolut
there is no phone number to call and reach a human

any idea what I should do?

I would just need to switch the phone number based on my profile (which is hopefully possible to find out with my passport, name, birth date etc.)

any one who can help me will receive a goodie for it.



Hi @marcelinhio

You can get in touch with our in-app support without logging into your account. Just click the Forgot a phone number button on the app, type in your phone number and on the following screen you will be able to access support chat.

I would also suggest switching the categories of your query to Feedback or Other as a currently selected category is Business dedicated.


thank you very much i was able to chat now