Locked out of app


Hi - I have been locked out of the app for several months… would really like to start using my card! Seems the way to get back in is posting on here for support? Have tried the app chat but hasn’t worked.

My specific issue: set up account, downloaded app. Entered app with my passcode for a few days. One day passcode doesn’t work and ‘Forgot password’ feature seems to think my phone number and last four digits of my card don’t match so cannot help me reset that way.

Not in a crazy rush for fix like many others are, but would be great to get back into the app and using Revolut.



To be sure: you are using last 4 digits of card used to last topup NOT revolut card, right?


I was using revlout card! Sorry I didn’t understand the prompt. I’m back in
now …thank you.