Locked out of account, NO RESPONSE FROM SUPPORT


I have been locked out of my account when I tried to make a bank transfer to an EU account (I was transferring currency in EUR as well)

Tried to contact support, 8am a bot asked me questions. I replied. Requested to escalate case. Was told it will be 1 minute wait or so.

Waited 1 minute, no response.

Sent another message half an hour later. No response.

Sent another one an hour later. No response.

Sent another 1.5 hours later. Yet no response.

Just sent my 4th message after 3.5 hours, waiting for response.

Tried calling the support phone line but it’s only for lost or stolen card.

Guess the money is stuck in my account, with no way to view my virtual card number, no way to view my balance etc UNTIL REVOLUT GETS BACK TO ME. For a bank transfer.


Same issue with me today. What is this rediculous company we found?


Type " live agent " in your in-app chat support, and you will get live agent to answer why is your account blocked


Tried that, they are simply NOT RESPONDING at all and the phone number to call simply isn’t helping


did you tried reach them on twitter? facebook?


Yes I just did, they are reviewing right now I think. Thanks for the tip


It’s the same for me last week !! I’m trying to unlock my account and at least get back my money. I’ve posted a message here yesterday and on facebook.