Locked out of account. New phone.


Hi, I have been using an old number for my Revolut, and have never had any problems changing it over, except this time. I’m now locked out of my account, but my card still works by me using the old phone just for this app to top up from my bank acc. I’ve lost the phone, so can’t juggle it anymore! I have been travelling for longer than i thought i would be. Also, every single time i go to an ATM, the balance is higher than i know it should be. This is making me nervous every time I use my card, as I either have to keep a running total in my head, or wing it and hope i haven’t forgotten any spending… please help!


@AndreasK ? :blush:


Hi @Jen.

I will send you a direct message so we can get in touch and help you out.


Andreas K.