Locked me out of €500 and nonresponsive support


Due to issues with their payment provider, I’ve been locked out of €500 in my account for two days now.

Support is completely unresponsive. I suppose they’re only addressing premium customers now that that has been introduced.

Totally unacceptable will investigate what actions can be taken. I appreciate you are a start up, but these kind of failures are beyond unacceptable.


I have pretty much the same issue. Account locked out this morning and I’ve been sending messages to “support” all day. Finally had a reply half an hour ago, only for the agent to not respond and then support to go offline until tomorrow.

Totally unacceptable to lock customers out of their accounts leaving them without access to funds while overseas. I for one will be taking my funds out and moving to another service. I’ll also be actively advising people against using Revolut.


All transactions affected by the outage have been reverted. If this is not the case then we can look into it for you.

We apologise for the wait. Account security is very important to us and we appreciate your cooperation.


I can confidently say that the money has not been returned. It is now over
four days. And your withholding well over €500 of my money.

Your support is useless. I’m having to reiterate the story every time. What
kind of service is this?

I was told the money would be returned on Saturday. I was told a team was
working on this to expedite this. This has not happened.

I will speak with my lawyer to see what legal action is possible as at this
point you have taken my money.


Almost 5 days and my money has not been returned.
Support has assured me money would be returned on Sat but it’s now Monday and nothing.

I’m just being offered placating messages and am being asked for patience.

Still no word on when my money will be returned.
Totally unacceptable. Have a Monzo card, who use the same provider and they returned my money immediately.

You are making enemies of your customers.


My money has not been returned. What you’re saying is untrue. Your support is not offering any real solution to my situation. All you’re asking for is patience. But patient requires trust. Trust you do not have anymore. You cannot legally withhold my money based on a declined point of sale transaction.

This is beyond unacceptable and (I’m investigating) probably illegal.


The payment processor has finalised all of the transactions that were affected due to the outage. We are raising any outstanding cases with them.

I have written you a private message to assist.


Just to keep anyone interested updated…

This matter has still not been resolved.
I simply keep getting placated and passed from support member to support member.

It’s always “another team” or “another department”.
Disgraceful. Nothing has been Resolved.

I urge everyone to think twice about continuing with Revolut. They’ve left many customers on here completely in the dark and have not returned their money.
Given that many people use this card for travel, This is awful!